The Ministry of Environment poses an international tender for the disposal of Allandin

The Ministry of Environment has announced an international tender for repackaging and shipment of safe the disposal of (220 tons) of the banned pesticide Allandin trading and all the waste stored in the Al-Adbya port, Suez.  In accordance with the procedures of the Ministry of Environment and the World Bank after the project of the sustainable management of persistent organic pollutants in the ministry's completion of various studies and procedures necessary to begin the implementation of the project component of the safe disposal of Allandin and preparations.
Dr. Khaled Fahmy, Minister of Environment has released a statement that he will be final disposed from Allandin before the end of this year, after it docked bidding on the company that will implement in accordance with the tender requirements and specifications that had been developed by international experts from the World Bank as the company adheres to the regulations of the Basel Convention for the transfer of hazardous waste.
“We are dealing with this issue scientifically and professionally.” Dr. Khaled said.
It is worth mentioning that the project of the sustainable management of organic pollutants “POPs” aims to safely dispose tons of banned and expired pesticides in some locations, including the 220 tons stored in El-Adbya port of Suez and about 430 tonnes in the El-Saf area in Giza, and 350 tons in several other areas as the project aims to collect and process 1,000 tons material from contaminated oils diphenyl polychlorinated biphenyls PCBs
The project is funded by the Global Environment Facility under the supervision of the World Bank and implemented by the Ministry of Environment.