International tender

The project has submitted an international tender for the purchase of two units for the treatment of PCBs-contaminated oils for the purpose of reusing these oils again, which achieves significant economic savings in this area due to the steady increase in the prices of new oils. This step is a pioneering experiment in the region in this area.
Eng. Ahmed Abd ElHamid, project manager, stated that the project attaches great importance to the environmental and economic dimensions and achieve the highest quality and conformity of international scientific requirements in its various procedures and steps and hence the keenness to use the best international scientific expertise in this field to choose the best solutions to the problem of oils contaminated with PCBs, where the project succeeded in finding a solution to treat these oils and reuse them instead of the cost of getting rid of them and buying new quantities added that the project is now taking all the measures Preparing to start work as soon as the two treatment units arrive, he added that an international specialist has prepared the standard specifications for the two units that represent the latest and best technologies in this field, and a scientific committee comprising an international expert and a local expert will evaluate the technical presentations that will arrive for the project after the tender has been launched.