High-level training for chemists

 The Project sustainable management of pops organized a high-level technical training course for a group of chemists in the ministries of electricity and environment in order to train practical on the use of the chromatographic analysis device for determining the ratio of PCBs in transformer oils, and the training was carried out in the laboratory of the Faculty of Agriculture at Cairo University and carried out by Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Abbas Saleh, professor at the University of South Texas, one of the leading international consultants in this field.
This important training course is part of the project's goal of safe disposal and the treatment of about 1,000 tons of transformer oils contaminated with PCBs, one of the most dangerous pops the training is essential for the   capacity building of national cadres.
Engineer Ahmed Abdul Hamid, project manager, said that this step, and building national capacity is essential on the path to sustainability, where the trained chemists will complete the work and analyze all samples on a daily basis to complete the analysis of all samples collected throughout the republic at the Laboratory of the Faculty of Agriculture Cairo University under the full supervision of project experts.
He praised the fruitful and constructive cooperation and effective partnership between the Ministry of Environment, the Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy and the Ministry of Agriculture and praised the interaction and seriousness of the trainees.