Technical and economic study

The project hosted  Dr. Massimo Bombelli, one of the leading international experts in the treatment of contaminated oils by PCBs in the use of the latest technologies in this field, and this is his second visit to the project after he inspected a number of the ministry of electricity and energy's companies . to get a closer look at the status of transformers that contain contaminated oils
Dr. Bombelli has completed the preparation of the technical and economic study on the treatment of these contaminated oils, where the study settled to import the number of 3 units for treatment, which was also settled by the committee of experts in the project as well as experts of the World Bank
It is worth mentioning that the project has collected more than 1000 tons of contaminated oils, which means that it has reached the target quantity in this component and the step of processing these oils and reuse through the three treatment units proposed in the study where these units work using the latest methods Scientific and international standards and these units can work without separating the transformer containing contaminated oils in the case of large transformers, while the small transformers will be unloading their oils, and the project is now in the process of completing the international tender that will be put forward to bring the three treatment units Required