Sustainable Persistent organic pollutants Management Project (POPs)

Sustainable   persistent organic pollutants (pops) management   project
Pops project for human and environment health
Vision and over all objectives
Strengthening Egypt’s technical and management capacities for minimizing the exposure to pops, assist government of Egypt to meet its obligations to Stockholm convention.
                                     Specific objectives      
The first objective
Disposal of 1000 ton of obsolete pesticides at some storage sites, 220 ton   at aladabiya site at sues governorate.
430 at alsaf – Giza.
350 ton at other nine sites.
2nd objective
Treatment of 1000 ton of oils polluted by polychlorinated biphenyl (PCBs)
Which were used at electricity stations.
The project works on transfer the technologies of treating these oils.
3rd objective
Training and capacity building, coordination, technology transfer to all concerned ministers... Environment … electricity … agriculture …industry... health.
Publishing knowledge   … building awareness among all the stakeholders.
Facilitating the project
The project has steering committee involves representatives from some ministers … environment … agriculture … electricity… planning … international cooperation.
The project has consultative committee involves scientists and experts to give scientific and technical advices to the project
                The project and civil society
The project mainstreams civil society and NGOs at all the activities, working through partnership with them
The steering committee involves representative from NGOs   
Financing and implementation   
Executing   agency …World Bank
Implementation …ministry of environment
Project duration ….from october2014 to November 2018
Many scientists and experts working with the project for training and capacity building activities
  The project began to implement its training and capacity building plane all over Egypt
                     Project partners
Ministry of environment
Ministry of agriculture
Ministry of electricity
World Bank
Sustainable persistent organic pollutants (pops) management project responds to the national, regional and international efforts concerns (pops)…..Assisting the government of Egypt to meet its obligations under Stockholm convention