The permanent disposal of Al-Alandin by the end of the year

Dr. Khaled Fahmy, the Minister of Environment, has announced that they will get rid of all the Allandin pesticides stored at Al-Adbya Port in Suez by the end of this year utterly.
Dr. Khaled Fahmy has made statements regarding this issue to many media representatives during his visit to the province of Suez and inspecting the storage site. He also mentioned the start of the execution  steps to get rid of all the stored amount of this pesticide banned trading, amounting to 220 tons.
The draft of the sustainable management of persistent organic pollutants, which will be implemented that had finished all the preparatory studies and we are going to announce global companies operating in the field of transfer of such banned pesticides and disposal of the tender, which also requires a commitment to the Basel Convention for the transfer of this hazardous waste.
Dr. Khaled Fahmy expects that the company that will adapt the tender will be completed its mission in five or six months at least, and thus the final of Allandin will be eliminated by the end of this year.
He said that in parallel with the tender and start-up company based processing carried out in the ministry is working to extract the necessary legal permits as pesticides stored Haraz the responsibility of the public prosecutor.
He added that there will be a good opportunity for capacity building and training of the cadres of the Ministry of Environment in this area, and there is a high preparation to deal with the stored pesticides in El-Saf,  Giza. He also mentioned that he will get rid of the containers and packing materials, all in a special way. In addition, they are now following up with systematic and professionalism way based on international best practices in this frame.