Pompili remarks

Dr. Massimo Pompili , an expert in the field of processing and safe disposal technologies of PCBs, said at the end of his advisory visit to the project that he is visiting Egypt for the first time and that he is very happy to visit Egypt and happy to work with the project and Egyptian bodies, and added  that the visit was very fruitful where he visited with the project manager Engineer. Ahmed Abdul Hamid and a number of experts several companies in the field of transmission, production and distribution of electricity and learned about the status of transformers that have been proven polluted with PCBs, which poses a major challenge to health and the environment, so that
the best solutions and alternatives available scientifically and technologically are reached to address those Oils and environmental protection, is the main target of the visit  DR. MASSIMO said  and he  strongly praised the national experiences he found in electricity companies, describing them as comparable to those in the world
He praised also Egypt's efforts to treat contaminated oils using the best techniques.
 About the best solutions Dr. Massimo said:
There are now intelligent and high-tech processing units that process oils in place without having to move them or move transformers from one place to another and this achieves safety, safety and environmental integrity.