An important meeting

The project witnessed an important meeting to discuss what has been accomplished so far in the construction of the Aswan sample analysis laboratory of the water plants company for the production of electricity in Aswan and the store to collect samples of transformer oils contaminated with PCN in The Upper Egypt Electricity Distribution Company  
 The meeting was attended by the civil engineer in charge of construction work and engineering consultant for the project, a representative of the Ministry of Electricity and a representative of the Holding Company for Electricity of Egypt, and Mrs. Chemical / Hind Mohammed Hussein representative of the Holding Company for Electricity of Egypt in the project
The meeting aims to review implemented on the nature and extent of Conforming to the actual specifications agreed upon, Ms. Chemical / Hind Mohammed Hussein stated that the construction work actually conformed to the standard specifications agreed, now we are  waiting for the start of actual work in the laboratory and the store
It is worth mentioning that five central sites have been selected nationwide to set up laboratories and stores to collect and analyze samples that are proven to be contaminated with PCBs, Aswan one of these sites..