Visit of an international expert

Dr. Massimo Pompili , an international expert in the field of PCBs,  Began a visit provide some technical advice regarding the technical and economic feasibility of the treatment unit, which has been settled by technical opinion on its import to treat oils contaminated with PCBs, The project collects nearly 1,000 tons PCBs which is the target of the project and Dr. Massimo Pompili will also visit a number of companies producing, transporting and distributing electricity to inspect transformers that have been proven to be contaminated by PCBs.
The visit began with a meeting with Engineer / Ahmed Abdel Hamid Project Manager and Ms. Chemical / Hind Mohammed Hussein, representative of the Egyptian Electricity Holding Company for the project
Engineer Ahmed Abdel Hamid said that the visit comes as part of the project's keenness to bring in the best international expertise and keep up with the highest international requirements and standards in the implementation of all its components, Ahmed Abdel Hamid also praised the effective and fruitful cooperation with the Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy, the project partner.
Dr. Massimo Pompili , is senior international expert in this field, has worked in several international institutions, including the National Institute of standards and Technology in Washington D C , Kew University in Japan and several scientific institutes in Italy, Vienna and Canada.
He is now professor at the University of Rome and head of the bachelor's and master degrees departments in electrical engineering at the same university