World Bank Visit

A team from the World Bank, headed by Ms. Chan Wang (Qing Wang, an expert at the World Bank and accompanied by Mr. Amer Abdel Wahab from the World Bank's Cairo office, visited the site off Elsaff -  store in Giza in the presence of engineer/Ahmed Abdelhamid, director of the project and Dr. Hisham Osman, site manager and representatives of the  Executing company, in order to get acquainted with the work and make sure to take all the procedures that ensure the safe disposal of the contents of the store of pesticides in keeping with the highest standards of quality and international requirements and standards of safety and occupational health
The Group expressed its appreciation for the efforts made to successfully implement this component and the safe disposal of these obsolete high-risk pesticides, which amount to 450 tons, under the sustainable management of persistent organic Pollutants project, which is part of the bank's role as a focal point for the project.