Completion of the training plan for the withdrawal and analysis of PCBs samples

The theoretical and practical training plan developed by the project on sustainable management of persistent organic pollutants for workers in the transport, production and distribution companies of the Ministry of Electricity and Renewable energy was drawn up and the training included the withdrawal and analysis of samples of potential transformer oils Contaminated with PCBs and safety and security precautions
 It is known that PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB)) is a persistent organic pollutant that exists in some electrical transformers at power stations and is included on the lists of substances prohibited under the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants
The project has already completed the works of the stores and central laboratories in five central areas including Cairo, Ismailia, Alexandria, Aswan, Minya, where they were selected in conjunction with the Ministry of Electricity and then the Ministry has put forward their tenders and has already started the work Implementation in some areas
 the project manager, Ahmed Abdel Hamid, said the training was an essential step towards building national cadres and capabilities in the field of safe disposal of PCBs, and praised the constructive and fruitful cooperation with the Ministry of Electricity, one of the project's partners, and also praised Bits Workers ' cooperation and commitment during training
The sustainable management of persistent organic Pollutants project aims at one of its main components to treat about 1,000 tons of oils contaminated with PCBs