Inventory quantities PCBs

The project has completed the inventory of the quantities of PCPs in several electricity companies, including transport and production companies, in the Transformers within the service and work in the existing Transformers outside the service and scrap oil and also continues to account for the quantities present in the distribution companies after he The project organizes more than twenty training workshops covering both theoretical and practical aspects of building the capacity of the electricity sector personnel in the field of the withdrawal and analysis of samples of transformer oils that contain PCBs and will continue to work until the completion of the exploration of the situation in various companies of the electricity sector In parallel, the terms of reference for an international tender for consultancy firms in this field are being prepared for the technical and economic study of the purchase of a PCB processing unit and the preparation of its own subtraction documents.

The project has also conducted an engineering consultancy study to prepare the standard specifications for the construction of five centralized storage and sampling sites, with each site containing a laboratory for the analysis of samples and premises specifically designed for storing chemicals for the analysis of samples and knowledge of the presence of PCBs. , and also carried out another study to assess the environmental impact of the five sites selected
 The project consultant selected sites in the governorates of Cairo, Alexandria, Minya, Aswan and Ismailia and it is noteworthy that one of the main components of the project is the safe disposal of 1000 tons of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB) which was used in electrical transformers and these steps come in The framework for full cooperation and partnership with the Ministry of Electricity and Renewable energy