Journey without return

The sustainable management of POPs project has successfully implemented one of its key components, namely, safe disposal of the stored pesticide shipment that was in the al adabeya port in Suez, where the 220-ton cargo was transported on board the MSC Laura to burn in French ovens and added Ten tons of pesticide that were stored in other areas, and Egypt has thus finally eliminated POPs pesticides.
The removal of this shipment necessitated the adoption of several measures to be scientifically and securely disposed of, with the Ministry of the Environment announcing a global tender in this regard, in accordance with actions of the World Bank and won by a Greek company has received the site at the  adabeya port and under the full supervision of the project All the procedures, requirements and standards of the United Nations,  safety procedures for workers, were taken after the company organized several workshops to build the capacity of national personnel and cadres in this area.
The shipment was repackaged and packed into United Nations-labelled bags, where special-specification bags were required, and the bags were transported to new containers prepared for travel outside Egypt.
The old containers were disinfected and then cut off to transport them with the cargo, and in 8/8/2017, the persistent organic pollutant pesticides left Egypt.
The Ministry of the Environment held a world press conference to declare Egypt free of these pesticides in the presence of Dr. Khaled Fahmy, Minister of the Environment and Mr. Shihab Muhammad Abdel Wahab-executive head of the Environmental Affairs Agency, experts of the World Bank, Greek consul in Egypt, representatives of the implementing Company and representatives of the ports of literary and Suez And the Suez Governorate and the people's Deputies from the Suez Governorate.
A documentary documenting this step was screened under the name (Journey without return) and Dr. Khaled Fahmy emphasized the permanent Ministry's eagerness to apply the highest national standards and international when taking any step he emphasized the importance of this step to the Egyptian and global environment and commended the effort of the project team and the company's work Greek.