An international expert to raise capacities in the area of The pcbs at Workshop

The project organized a training workshop on the twentieth of February 2016 for a group of workers from the electricity companies of various governorates to raise awareness, knowledge and build their capabilities for scientific and safe dealing with contaminated oils by pcbs which used in electrical transformers at power stations.
Mr. Michael Mueller has done training, ,  he is one of the largest international experts in this field, where trainees gave a comprehensive overview of the project and its objectives and characteristics of (PCB), and it's dangerous impacts  on health and the environment the (water ,air and soil)
Mr. Mueller give them acomprehensive training about how to get rid or handle contaminated oil's under certain conditions, as well as training how to take samples of the contaminated oil in a scientific way and safe definition and the protection of employees in this area and the necessary tools for this like gloves and glasses, although the importance of adhering to procedures for using these tools.
Mr. Mueller has confirmed in scientific presentation on the importance of databases and accuracy in this area and that there should be guidelines for employees.